Drive-by shooting a 'surprise' for police after years without one

NAMPA, Idaho (KBOI) - A drive-by shooting late Friday frightened neighbors and damaged a parked car.

A few of the half a dozen bullets hit the car Kyle Summers parked in front of his house.

"I saw that there was a hole in the bumper and then looked at it," Summers said, "and there ended up being two pretty good-sized holes, and it actually popped one of the tires."

Jorgene Dibben said the shooting was scary and she didn't know what was happening.

"My son and I were just sitting there, he was playing video games and all of a sudden, there were about six gunshots," Dibben said. "My son got up to go to the window, and I was like, 'No, no, no, sit down.'"

Police say no one was hurt and no houses were hit.

"We haven't had a problem with this type of crime for quite some time now," said Sgt. Oren McGuire. "This is a bit of a surprise for us that this would happen at this point because it hasn't been an issue for several years now."

Officers say no witnesses could provide a description of the vehicle that drove off after the shooting, making it "virtually impossible" to track down the person responsible.