Don't become a victim of garage theft

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - People throughout the Treasure Valley are out and about enjoying warmer weather, and that means many garage doors are left open. Boise Police say this is the time of year when crimes of convenience, like garage theft spike. Boise residents like Dana Gaston say they never even knew this could happen.

"I think it's terrible, I thought we lived in a pretty safe neighborhood, I have been known to do that myself and I think I need to change my habits," Boise resident, Dana Gaston, said.

Gaston has something in common with many people in the area. Sometimes our garage doubles as a storage unit. We put the power tools, the snow toys, the bikes, just about everything inside. Boise police say thieves know it and can't wait until we leave the door open.

"We have actually had incidents where garages has been burglarized when people were home and they didn't even know it. Even if you are home-keep the garage door shut," Detective Wade Spain, of Boise police said.

To keep your home safe and secure you can lock the door from the garage that leads inside your home. You can also move all your valuables to the back of the garage and consider covering them with a tarp. It's also important to remember to lock your car doors even while parked inside the garage.

"Anything they can quickly sell and get rid of and basically, gain some profit" Detective Spain said.

Not only is this good everyday practice, but it's especially important if you take a vacation. when you leave, take a second and cut power to the garage.

"Definitely a good thing if you have an automatic garage door, just unplug it," Detective Spain said.