Crime in Caldwell crumbles according to report

A preliminary report from Idaho State Police shows Caldwell crime statistics improved in 2013. No homicides and only 2 calls for shots fired in 2013.

The report showed crime incidents as follows
2010- 7456
2011- 7409
2012- 7044
2013- 6836

Caldwell police show that shootings in the city are dropping as well.

Verified shots fired calls: 2012- 3
2013- 2
2014- 0

The report shows Caldwell police has cleared almost 60% of their cases in 2013. The chief says these numbers are the best they ever had on record. "I think the public has reached a point where enough is enough and they don't want the violence of the past and the crime of the past," Police Chief Chris Allgood said.

Caldwell residents say that they have seen an increased presence from police around town. The chief says part of the drop came from residents saying enough is enough on the crime. Resident Amanda Beascochea said,"That's how it is around my neighborhood, if something seems to be going on they'll definitely give the police a call to check it out. thank goodness nothing crazy has happened for a while now."

The chief wants to work on keeping thing going in the right direction. "I am just elated, for somebody that that's what they do for a living it really validates what you do that you're doing the right thing," said the chief.