Caught on video: Seiber escapes again!

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - A man who police say led them on a manhunt from Nampa to rural Montana is back in police custody after briefly escaping from a private security team that was transporting him back to Idaho.

The Ada County Sheriff's Office says Rodney Seiber, 36, escaped from a private security transport team when they stopped to let him use the restroom at the Boise Stage Stop Thursday evening.

KBOI talked with employees at the Stage Stop who were there when it happened. They say they watched a shackled up Seiber and one of the security company's employees walk into the bathroom.

But when they came out, Seiber's shackles were off and he escaped through the store's back entrance.

KBOI got the security camera video of Seiber running out the door.

Once Seiber got outside, he was on the run for about an hour. Police then found him in a brushy area across the Interstate 84.

The Canyon County Sheriff's Office tells KBOI it's used this private transportation company to bring inmates in from out of state for years and has never had a problem like this.

When asked if this incident could have occurred because Seiber is experienced at getting away, Canyon County Sheriff Deputy Lieutenant Andrew Kiehl said it's likely.

"I thought it was ironic that he escaped after he'd already escaped a couple of other times," Kiehl said, "So that's something that these guys should keep in mind, and I'm sure they did, but unfortunately mistakes happen, and that happened in this case."

For now, Seiber is in the Ada County Jail because Thursday night's incident happened in Boise. But he'll soon be transported to the Canyon County Jail, which is where he was headed in the first place. The Canyon County Sheriff's Office says it will take extra precautions in getting him there.

"Our officers have the training to do it in the most effective and professional manner possible, and that's the way it will be done," Kiehl said, "He'll be safe and sound in Canyon County's custody, I'm confident, in the very near future."

The Canyon County Sheriff's Office tells us that Security Transport Services Incorporated, the transport company out of Topeka Kansas that was bringing Seiber to Idaho, called the Canyon County Jail and apologized. Because of what happened, Kiehl says Canyon County will not be charged for Seiber's transport.