Carjacking suspect has long criminal history

NAMPA, Idaho (KBOI) - Rodney Lee Seiber, who police are searching for after a carjacking, has a long history of run-ins with police.

Seiber just got out of prison four years ago, where he served time on a weapons charge. He was behind bars before that, after being convicted of grand theft. While he was there, he got more time tacked on for assaulting someone in prison.

Seiber's past reveals that he's pretty good at hiding from least for a little while. On January 13th, 2000, a warrant was put out for Seiber in Canyon County for burglary and grand theft. But it wasn't until a week after that he was arrested.

On November 5th, 1999, Seiber was charged with grand theft, also in Canyon County. That time, it took more than a month after the warrant was issued for him to be arrested. And about a month earlier on October 12th, he was charged with theft by receiving or possessing stolen property. That time, Seiber spent about two weeks on the run.

Other past charges on the now 36-year-old's rap sheet include assaulting an officer in Canyon County and battery on an officer in Parma.