Candidate that drops out of primary can still win without trying.

Caldwell, Idaho (KBOI) - Greg Chaney put out a statement saying he was suspending his campaign to represent Caldwell. He said the focus of his past problems would get in the way of the race.

Now Brian Bishop and Kent Marmon have entered the race as write in candidates. "That's very difficult to do a write in candidate, because you have to write in their name. The clerk has to be able to figure out if that's the correct spelling of the person that they were voting for that law," Canyon County GOP chair Melinda Smyser said.

Bishop is a securities attorney. Marmon is a retired training manager. KBOI asked Marmon if there are any surprises in his past. "No bankruptcies. Both of these candidates, the democratic candidate and the republican candidate both had bankruptcies and other things on their record. I think Canyon county deserves somebody who is an upstanding citizen, Marmon said.

Both candidates, Bishop and Marmon say they have a big challenge to get their name out there while Chaney's name will be the only one on the ballot in the primary.

Chaney could still win the primary without even trying and then change his mind. Smyser said, "Then he would be on the ballot for the general election in November running against the democrat individual."

But if either Marmon or Bishop win the primary, no matter how many votes the winner has, Caldwell GOP precinct members would still have to decide who the candidate will be.

The primaries are on May 20th. Both write in candidates say they are in full fundraising mode. If Caldwell residents want to vote for either Bishop or Marmon they will have to write their name in.