Boy, 5, left at the wrong bus stop: 'I thought my mom was tired'

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Last week George Bailey was at his 5-year-old's bus stop waiting for his son to get off the bus. The only problem is that he never showed up. George spent a frantic 30 minutes looking for his son throughout the neighborhood. "I was freaking out going oh my God, am I going to find him?" Bailey said.

Ian's parents say they never got a call from the school and they had to call them to figure out where he was. The mother says that Ian was dropped off on another bus in a different neighborhood without anyone to pick him up. The mother of one of his friends saw him and asked him where he was going.

Ian's mother said, "The school just said that the teacher for sure put him on his right bus. So she doesn't know how he got onto a different bus unless he got off the bus and went to the bathroom."

5 year old Ian said, "I thought my mom was just tired and that was my right bus stop."

The Brown Bus Company says that their driver was not disciplined and didn't do anything wrong because he wasn't supposed to be on that bus. They say Ian was mixed in with other classes and they didn't know he got off.

The bus company says that they deliver 45 thousand kids and so far this year this has only happened twice.

The Vallivue School District Superintendent said this was the first he heard of this at Central Canyon Elementary and would look into it.

The parents are still waiting to hear from the school about what happened.