Bond packages go to vote in November

Boise city council members all approved bond proposals to be put to a vote November 5th. But there are residents that feel this is not the time to be asking homeowners to pay up for the increase. But the city feels these are long overdue improvements for public safety and recreational open spaces.

The city will let the people of Boise decide on 2 different bond improvement packages that will cost more than 32.4 million dollars. According to estimates from the city that will be an increase to each homeowner of $12 per year.

"I just think it's not right to go to the voters and ask for higher property taxes until you've searched high and low to root out waste in government and figure out other ways to eliminate spending," says Wayne Hoffman of the Idaho Freedom Foundation.

One package that will be voted on will make improvements to fire and rescue services, bringing some fire stations up to code. Adam Park a city spokesperson says, "Public safety is our number one priority here in the city.. Keeping people safe.. Keeping them out of harm's way. In many cases our fire stations have just exceeded their useful life."

The other package to be voted on will be on money for open spaces as the city will try to connect land that has already been acquired to trails along the foothills. But some residents believe that the projects may benefit some more than others and this may not justify a rate hike.

"The city council and the mayor have to be able to look that struggling waitress in the eye and say we've searched high and low for money and we can't figure out how to make ends meet..