Boise Rock School teaches music's next generation

BOISE, Idaho- The Boise Rock School has been around for about 5 years. And many of the kids they teach just might be future Grammy winners.

"Kids just have a whole different perspective not only on music but life in general," said instructor Jessica Burlile.

It's a place where's your peers are your band mates and you decide as a team how hard you want to rock!

"If they want to go in the soft rock direction they will do that, if they want to do metal or scream or something more intense then they will do that," said Burlile.

Annika Klein is one of the rising stars at Boise Rock School!

"Band and orchestra, I just wasn't into and then I learned guitar from these guys and they introduced me to how music is never too old for anybody," said Klein.

Far from old, the talented 15 year-old writes her own songs.

"There always has to be a meaning behind playing it, so i think to myself, why am i playing this song and how is it going to benefit me," said Klein.

In true rock star fashion she has named her guitar Trevor and like many of her classmates she's hooked on music.

"It's a good way to cope with tragedy or things going on in your life, good or bad," said Klein.

Now she dreams of attending USC and kicking off her music career.

"I'm actually coming out with an album in early may because of this opportunity and it's just pretty amazing," said Klein.