Boise restaurant faces threats: 'Someone is actually targeting us'

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Mazzah Mediterranean Grill has been vandalized several times in the past few months. The latest attack has its owner thinking someone might be targeting him.

Restaurant employees found that the glass front door had been shattered by a rock when they came into work on Sunday. Owner Sam Bataineh says he's worried.

"It started like three months ago," he explained, "Started with eggs and now it's ended up with a rock."

Bataineh says recently, someone even spelled out "murder" using hundreds of doughnuts in front of the store.

"At this point, after four or five incidents, I don't think it's kids," he said, "I think someone is actually targeting us."

He says he thinks it could be a former employee or someone who doesn't like his family because they're from the Middle East.

He's installing cameras outside of the restaurant to try and find out.

But for now, it's not slowing business down any.

Nick Murray and his girlfriend say after hearing about what happened, they drove all the way from Caldwell to make their first visit to the restaurant.

"We thought we'd come down and support the business, and let them know that not everyone is a jerk," Murray said.

And Bataineh says customers like them help him keep going.

"We've been here eight years and we love Boise. Boise loves us, and we're happy here, and we want to continue to do business in Boise," Bataineh said.