Boise man convicted of 14th DUI faces life in prison

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - An Ada County jury has found a Boise man guilty of felony driving under the influence Tuesday.

Terry Lee Ash, 55, has now been convicted of 14 DUIs, with six of them being felony charges. He has also been convicted of being a persistent violator of the law.

The Ada County Prosecutor's office says Ash was arrested in September 2011 after he was involved in a single vehicle crash on Swan Falls Road over Labor Day weekend.

Prosecutors say his blood alcohol content was .13 at the time.

Officials say Ash has been convicted of eight felonies in total. The other two charges are for grand theft and issuing checks without funds.

Prosecutors say the DUI convictions spanned 32 years from 1980 until 2012.

Ash was last convicted of DUI in Nez Perce County in 2005, and was sentenced to serve prison time from 2005-2010.

The Ada County Prosecutor's Office says Ash is being held without bond in the Ada County Jail. He is scheduled to be sentenced on Aug. 22.

Prosecutors say Ash faces a maximum sentence of life in prison.

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