Big night for Idaho cowboys at the Snake River Stampede

NAMPA, Idaho (KBOI) - For the second time in three years, bullfighter Will O'Connell was snake-bitten at the Snake River Stampede. O'Connell was knocked out cold in 2011, and a torn MCL ended his rodeo season Wednesday night.

But, you can't run a rodeo with just one bullfighter, so the Snake River Stampede called on 24-year-old Aaron Furgeson. The young bullfighter spent seven hours in the car driving up from Utah, and arrive just in time to paint up and head out onto the dirt. Thursday night marked his Snake River Stampede debut, and the first time working with fellow bullfighter Lucas Little.

"We work on a basic set of principles for bullfighting, so if we stick to those. As far as our job goes, it shouldn't matter if we've fought together 100 times or once. As a guy, it always makes it more fun if you're out there with someone you like," said Furgeson.

Big night for Idaho cowboys starting with McCammon native Morgan Wilde. He started Thursday night with a bareback ride of 87. That ties the best ride of the rodeo, and he'll make his way to the Finals on Saturday.

Marsing's Bryan Martinat also had a great night in saddle bronc, scoring 81 to grab second place on Thursday, and find his way into the top five for the rodeo.