Bartlome's friends glad to see Boone back

KUNA, Idaho (KBOI) - Kuna football player Boone Bartlome broke his neck at a playoff game last November. After spending the past three months in therapy in Denver Colorado, Boone made his way back home.

It all started as soon as Boone got to the airport and was greeted by his mom and grandparents. Boone knew it was time to make the rounds. That was the smallest crowd he'd see all day. From the airport he made his way to Kuna high school to see all of Kuna. "I don't even know how it got so big I always joke with my parents I am just a guy that broke his neck, turned into the biggest star in the valley," Boone Bartlome said.

Even Boones best friend was there with Boones other best friend, Zeke. "First thing he said he couldn't wait to see his dog, so I went home and got his dog," Justin Kalousek said.

Boone made it to Kuna High School just before 4 pm. His coach said Boone wanted to get out of his car and hang out with everyone at the rally. "It's wild I never thought anything like this was going to happen but my coach of coarse wouldn't let me come home without a big show," Boone said.

Besides students, Kuna residents came out just to be a part of the rally for the most popular kid in town. Ron Perry said, "This is just what I love about Idaho, people like each other."